Application form for the EMD Foundation

The EMD Foundation supports projects and development activities, including non-profit research which the Board considers relevant and within the purpose of the foundation.

The objective of the foundation:

  • To disseminate and develop knowledge and technology with the purpose of reducing the use of resource and the impact on the environment.
  • The fulfillment of the above should primarily be achieved by promoting the development and use of software, calculation models, calculations methods etc. in addition to consultancy.
  • To support relevant projects and development activities, including non-profit research, through distribution and/or investment that promotes the objective of the foundation, in a way that also secures the future existence and development of the foundation.

NOTE: An application for the EMD Foundation must be via our online application form – we do not accept written applications.

To be considered for funding of projects and development activities, it is a prerequisite that these are not commenced at the time of processing the application.

No funds are given to scholarships, study tours and meetings, seminars, and conferences locally or abroad.

Please fill out the application form below and click "Submit" to send your application.

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Other expected financing, including self-financing
Expected number of hours / hourly rage (EUR) and other costs
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